Guhar – pearl

kaash kabhi aisa bhi hojaye ya khuda ashk aankhon se bahe aur guhar hojaye……… i wish this would happen my lord that my tears would become pearls when they flow from my eyes … More Guhar – pearl


Love in the conflict

Where we lived was considered to be the hotspot of the resistance movement, so it became hard for me to see her during the days of heightened tension. The present curfew had been started about a week ago and the tension was escalating after more deaths and attacks. I tried few times a day at … More Love in the conflict


gar mai gham mai muskuraaon to kya gham hi nahi wo aag hi to hai jis mai dhuaan nahi hota tera muntazir wo chirag mere dil mai jal raha hai kaash hamei tere waade pe aetbaar nahi hota ab subah ho chali hai ab bahaar aa chuki hai mere dil ka khizaan khatam kyun nahi … More ghazal