i promise you…

I promise you that

whenever i will see you

i will weep

Your face will remind me

Of the green meadows

Where there was life

Of the frozen lakes

Which we swam across

Of the dark passages

Where we went together

Hands clasped

Where hope was grim

But we still came through

and that every moment

which we spent as one

And that each glimpse

will make me weep

And i promise you

My beloved , my love

That i will weep

Atleast i will

You were immersed in me

As soul is

In my words

Was your presence

In my being

were you alive

and again when i’ll come

across your name

or we will

come across each other

I promise you

I will ……..

and my beloved

that day don’t restrain me….

That i will weep

whenever i will see you

I promise……


3 thoughts on “i promise you…

  1. Thank you mam, its a beginning for me…. even though i have been writing since long but started posting it couple of years ago….. thank you again for your inspiring words….. i will keep writing, i will keep posting, i will keep offering my slice of life….

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