Guhar – pearl

Dard to phir dard hai jo badhta jaye
Bas dil se iltija hai ki khogar ho jaye

Shab e hijr o gham ke ye dard nak marhale
Kon jaane kb jaan mjh se juda hojaye

Kaash kabhi aisa b hojaye ya khuda
Ashk aankhon se bahe aur guhar hojaye

Baat mukhtasar si yun hai qaraar nhi tum bin
Phr kya dawa kya madawa kiya jaye


Its pain and it would escalate each moment

I request my heart now to get used to it

The harsh periods of the night of longing and melancholy

Who knows when my soul leaves me due to this pain

I wish this would happen one day my lord

The tears would become pearls when they flow from my eyes

My final word is just i dont have peace without you

Then what come the cures the medications they do

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