The traveller and the rain

Have you ever seen rain in desert……

At the times when there is no hope whatsoever in the most dwindled times, when life feels scarce, then as of a sudden few drops of start touching your face. Its rain in the grimmest of times. You close your eyes and feel it and feel it, you dont want to lose it, not even a single drop of it. How do you feel when each drop clatters with your face, each drop touches your hands, you open your arms and stand there and wish that it never ends; this feeling never ends. You feel this is one of the most precious feeling ever. Your heart is filled with joy. Everything converges on that single point. You are witnessing everything coming back to life, you yourself as well. You forget all the hardships of your life, how harsh the life has been, how broken you are ; now you feel special again.

This is what you mean to me. I am a weary traveller in a desert and you are the rain, you are the hope. This is what love actually means, its true, its pure, its hopeful , it brings back life.

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