gar mai gham mai muskuraaon to kya gham hi nahi

wo aag hi to hai jis mai dhuaan nahi hota

tera muntazir wo chirag mere dil mai jal raha hai

kaash hamei tere waade pe aetbaar nahi hota

ab subah ho chali hai ab bahaar aa chuki hai

mere dil ka khizaan khatam kyun nahi hota

wo chale jaa chuke hain koi unn se jaa k puchey

kya unki yaadon mai mera naam nahi hota


I smile in grief does that mean i don’t have grief

there is a fire as well which doesn’t have smoke

the candle of your longing is burning in my heart

i wish i wouldn’t have trust on your promise

its morning everywhere the spring has arrived

why doesn’t the fall of my heart end

they have gone, now some one please ask them

isn’t it still my name which always comes in their thoughts……

(ghazal is a form of poetry in urdu, i have translated it in english as well for those who can’t read urdu)


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